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Women Ranch, is a three generation family owned ranch consisting of Bonnie, Tammy, and Dominque Belless.The ranch is 125 acres consisting of our home and several barns. .


We have had horses all of our lives, starting before the 1950's. Beginning first with Paint Horses, then slowly moving to the race track business, and then back to paint horses. Starting in 1993 we began raising miniature horses, with one mare named 3 Diamonds Valentine. Then our youngest generation, Dominque, started showing in 1996. And the rest is history...


UPDATED:  10/28/2016




Lastest NEWS!!


Currently at Wild Women Ranch we are offering some of our young broodmares, yearlings, stallions and awesome show prospects!!! Be sure to look at our Sales page for updates often.


Here at Wild Women Ranch we're enjoying this amazing fall weather and our babies are growing up! We had absolutly stunning foals this year!! 2017 is fast approching and we sure are excited! A new year, brings new adventures. Ready for 2017 show year!